anyone successfully compiled 'expect' ???

anyone successfully compiled 'expect' ???

Post by Remko Stu » Thu, 28 Sep 1995 04:00:00


has anyone succesfully compiled 'expect' for Linux ?

expect is a program that performs programmed dialogue with other
interactive programs.... I want it badly !
it's like 'chat' only much better...



anyone successfully compiled 'expect' ???

Post by Jonathan Kame » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Expect compiles out-of-the-box for me (i.e., all I have to do is run
"configure" and "make" after making sure that the Tcl source code is where
Expect can find it, because it need's Tcl's private header files to compile)
on Linux (libc 5.0.9, Tcl 7.4).  I recall having a problem building Expect at
one point, but that was because I needed to install a symlink from
/usr/lib/ to, a documented bug in previous Slackware releases
(and perhaps in the current one as well; I'm not sure).

You can get the source code for Expect from
<URL:> (I think there's a
.tar.gz file too).  I believe you can get the current version of Tcl from
<URL:>, although I may be getting
the file name slightly wrong.

If you've tried to compile Expect yourself and you're having problems, then
you should say in particular in your postings what problems you're having,
instead of just posting a general question asking if other people have been
able to compile Expect; after all, we can't help you solve your problems if we
don't know what they are.


anyone successfully compiled 'expect' ???

Post by Phil Peruc » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>has anyone succesfully compiled 'expect' for Linux ?

>expect is a program that performs programmed dialogue with other
>interactive programs.... I want it badly !
>it's like 'chat' only much better...

Yes, thank-god!!!

Expect is a big part of the reason I set up a Linux system again.
Had only been using Micro$oft offerings (forgive me!).

Just 1) did make; make install for Tcl, 2) made symlink to my Tcl source
tree (described in the Expect install instructions) and 3) did make; make
install for Expect!

Of course, my Slackware 2.3 (with kernel I compiled) has an attitude
re: make.  Have to do "make -o Makefile -f Makefile" instead of just
"make" (Ouch!).  I look forward to upgrading my distribution...


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1. Has anyone successfully compiled 'the' with REXX(regina) support?

As part of our VM migration here at SU, we're trying to compile a rexx
interpreter (regina) and an XEDIT clone (the).  Regina built
beautifully, but 'the' is hanging up with a bizarre error in which the
object file rexx.o refuses to acknowledge symbols defined in
Here is the output of the final heartwrenching scene with make:
garth% make
cc -L/usr/local/vm/regina/lib -o the comm1.o comm2.o comm3.o comm4.o comm5.o
  commsos.o commset1.o commset2.o default.o edit.o error.o nonansi.o show.o
  the.o util.o prefix.o  execute.o box.o sort.o commutil.o getch.o query.o
  fnmatch.o directry.o file.o rexx.o quercus.o  -lregina -lcurses
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
RexxDeregisterSubcom                rexx.o
RexxRegisterExitExe                 rexx.o
RexxRegisterSubcomExe               rexx.o
RexxDeregisterFunction              rexx.o
RexxVariablePool                    rexx.o
RexxStart                           rexx.o
RexxRegisterFunctionExe             rexx.o
RexxDeregisterExit                  rexx.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to the
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `the'

Each of these symbols is defined in libregina, and other symbols in
that library are successfully found by other object files, but rexx.o
seems to be the different one.  Has anyone encountered a similar
problem?  Has anyone successfully built the wretched things under
Solaris, who would like to toss some hints my way as to how to bribe
the code and the compiler into finally cooperating?

        What is with Solaris, anyways?  Of all of the problems I've
met in all of the unixes I've used, the ones found with Solaris are,
by far, the funkiest of them all.  I almost think the the Sun software
designers have some sort of obfuscated bug-design contest going
whereby they compete to see who can weave the strangest bug into the
OS that appears under the strangest conditions and then sit back and
watch the fun.  Perhaps that is why the patches are so frequent...

-Lou Ruppert
((UNIX Weenie) && !(Solaris lover))
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