How to create a source package to release it?

How to create a source package to release it?

Post by Matthias Kemp » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 20:41:14


I while ago I started to program with KDevelop (came with the SuSE 7.0
distribution) and now my project is done.
I want to release it now. I want to get a tar.gz file with the sources
in it.
Do I only have to pack the whole project into a tar.gz and thats it, or
do I have to run some scripts before?
I know, this is a  stupid question, but its the first time that I am
this. So please let me know, how to create the tar.gz file.



How to create a source package to release it?

Post by Robben Mari » Sun, 07 Jan 2001 21:08:52

If you're using the GNU autoconf tools (autoheader, autoconf, automake,
libtool, ...) it's quite easy.
A simple "make dist" should do the job. The result is a .tar.gz file.
Somebody donwload this file and does the following:
gunzip xxx.tar.gz
tar xvf xxx.tar
cd xxx
make install
Et voila...

Visit the GNU website ( for documentation about these autoconf


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