PVCS Version 2 compatible programs

PVCS Version 2 compatible programs

Post by Bill Medlan » Sun, 22 Apr 2001 07:57:50

Please don't ask why!

Does anyone know of any (preferably free of course) linux programs that can
get files out of the logfiles of an old Polytron PVCS version 2 setup,
(with the logfiles sitting on a smb mount)

I presume that the answer is no.



1. palm program compatible with windows version...

I was wondering if there is any program out there like jpilot (for
example) that saves the address, todo, schedule, etc. databases in the
same format that palm's official (windows version ofcourse) program
what i want to do is be able to share these files between my two main
systems (win + lin).
i tried jpilot and another one a few days ago but they couldnt open
the files i transferred over from palm's program, and the same result
for the other way around.
so if there is a program like that or maybe just a tool that could
convert to the right format, please let me know.
thanks in advance,

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