Help about read access on NTFS parition

Help about read access on NTFS parition

Post by Cyril Bério » Sun, 03 Dec 2000 04:00:00


I mount a NTFS parition on /mnt/donald and i have read access for the root
But i can't access to it when i login as a simple user.
I tried to change the right with 'chmod 444 /mnt/donald' but it doesn't
I tried to change the owner with 'chown' but it doesn't work
How can i access to this partition in read only access as a simple user?


1. Mounting NTFS Paritions With Kernel 2.2.5

Okay. I installed RH Linux 6.0 on my machine today, running kernel
2.2.5. I know that under kernel 2.2.x, it is possible to mount NTFS
partitions. How? I am assuming that this does not come turned on by
default in the kernel. How would I get my system to recognize NTFS
partitions, and would I then just go and mount it normally?

E-mail replies would be preffered, although I will check back to see
if anyone responds.  Many many thanks in advance.

Matt Singerman

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