Announcing XPudview ver 0.1 for viewing Warcraft II PUD files

Announcing XPudview ver 0.1 for viewing Warcraft II PUD files

Post by Brendan Bartle » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

 I'm making available an x86 binary and source for what I've done so far
on the front end of a clone of Warcraft II for Linux/X.  It works pretty
well for casually looking at PUD files (although some useful features are

 Anyway, here's the README file.  Look at the end if you're interested in
joining a mailing list to discuss the effort of cloning Warcraft II for

--README starts here---

What is xpudview?

 This is a utility which can view Warcraft II .PUD files under X Windows.  

 You MUST have a valid maindat.war file from the
 DOS version of the game "Warcraft II" (the expansion pack should
 work too).

 Since this utility uses the Blizzard data file, the PUD should look very
 similar to what you would see under the DOS version of the game.

 Also included (in the read/ directory) is a utility called "read".  It
 allows you to extract entries from the warcraft II data files.  See

Where can I get it?

What do I need?

 The maindat.war file, from the DOS version of Warcraft II.
 Write access in the directory you run this in.
 For the moment, a little-endian (Intel) machine.  This will be fixed soon.
 An X server with a depth of 8 bpp, 16 bpp, 24 bpp or 32 bpp.
 A binary for x86 linux is included, so you don't have to compile it
 (source is included)

What is limited or just plain wrong in this utility?

 You will only see peasants/peons, gold mines and oilpatches.  Thus, if you
 have a very elaborate PUD where people start with farms, barracks, etc,
 you won't see that in this viewer.

 The colors on the mini-map are not faithful to the game.  This will be
 fixed soon.

 Swamp tileset PUDs don't work (very easy to fix).  

 The mini-map doesn't display units or goldmines/oilpatches.

 The mini-map of this utility does not size itself correctly for
 96x96 PUDs.  I may fix this later.

 Scrolling speed is slow on systems < Pentium 133.  If you have a Pentium 200,
 the scrolling speed should be pretty good.  I intend to fix this soon.

 If you move a window around a few times on top of xpudview, xpudview goes
 nuts updating itself.

Why am I releasing this?

 This is the front end for what I hope will become a linux version of the game.
 As I battle through University, my pace will become a little slower on this
 (but I give this priority!).  So I thus want to release what I have so I
 won't become known as someone who touts "vapourware".

 Also, I want people to try this with their X servers and let me know if the
 colors become corrupted.

 I also want people to try out their .PUD files and let me know if this
 bombs out with strange messages.  If you get the message "pud does not have
 an [xxxx] section, it has [xxx]" and the viewer continues, don't worry, that's
 harmless.  If the viewer says "Bogus section", email me and let me know where
 I can get that PUD.

 I've included the source, so people can glance at it and if you see that
 I've done something obivously very awakardly, let me know.  This code has
 extensions in it for the game, so it does some things that might seem
 strange for a pud viewer (like reading in all the images for a peon).

How do I use this?

 That's easy.  This utility takes 2 arguments:

 % ./xpudview <full path for maindat.war> <full path for a valid .PUD file>

 For example

 % ./xpudview /dos/c/games/war2/data/maindat.war ./plainsnow.pud

 If you give a wrong filename, you'll get an unfriendly message like
 "fopen: Bad Address"

 Once the pud is read in, you can scroll by clicking with the 3rd button
on the screen to put that tile in the centre.

 You can also scroll by moving the mouse cursor to the edges of the

 Pressing "q" quits.

Who wrote this?

 (I display the opening screen from the Warcraft II game, however,
 NONE of the code is copyright Blizzard or anyone else.  It's all mine
 [except the LZSS decompressor which is derived from code by Daniel

 with electronic help on reading maindat.war from the author of the Win95
 utility "WarDraft",

If you want to help out on the massive effort for cloning this game:

  Mark R. Andrachek, Jr. has been kind enough to setup a mailing list to
discuss this effort.

 By default, replies on the list don't go to the list (they're sent only
to the person you're replying to), if you want them echoed to the mailing