Clock doesn't keep the correct time on p-133

Clock doesn't keep the correct time on p-133

Post by Dipen Kamd » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I just got a P-133.  I installed linux and now my
clock in linux stopped keeping the correct time(too
slow).  I know that my on-board clock is working fine
because after each reboot time is correct and then it will
slowly fall behind.  

Anybody have any ideas on what could be causing this

Thank you,

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Clock doesn't keep the correct time on p-133

Post by To » Wed, 07 Feb 1996 04:00:00

           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Needs to be fixed, but not right now.

>clock in linux stopped keeping the correct time(too
>...after each reboot time is correct

As far as I can determine, Linux only reads the system clock, not the hardware
clock.  When you reboot, the system clock is updated.

A temp fix might be to write a cron task to read the hardware clock every hour
or so.  There are such beasts available on ftp, but I forget where I've seen
them - descriptions deal with reading and setting the hardware clock,
filenames might be similar to rdhwclock.*.


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