Installing Oracle7 Workgoup SCO Server on Linux platform

Installing Oracle7 Workgoup SCO Server on Linux platform

Post by Prabhakara Chappi » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00


   Thomas gave a very good step by step procedure to install Oracle
on Linux without using SCO files (some ).  But I have some problem
(I think it is nothing to do with the script he posted ) .  My problem

   When I try to decompress the files, ex.
     oiuncomp ->  used to uncompress the file (got from the
                        SCO oracle CD )
     adapters_  -> compressed file, I am tring to decompress it.

$oiuncomp adapters_

// I got the following error message....
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 27587c94
current->tss.cr3 = 0032d0000, %cr3 = 0032d0000
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0002
EIP:    0010:00124bf4
EFLAGS: 00010213
eax: b983c004   ebx: bffffca1   ecx: 00b3ecb8   edx: 27587c94
esi: ee60f000   edi: e0dc3c9c   ebp: f7c8f000   edp: 00b3ed8c
ds: 0018   es: 0018   fs: 002b   gs: 002b   ss: 0018
Process oiuncomp (pid: 883, process nr: 3, stackpage=00b3e000)
Stack: 00b3ee70 00000000 00083150 000000d0 27587c98 ee60f000 018289cf bffffca1
       00000002 00000015 00000001 00000000 00b3eef0 00b3ee70 01830e2c 00000002
       00b3efbc 00b3ee70 00400ba8 00483cf8 00001728 00019ba8 00019ad8 000000d0
Call Trace: 018289cf 01830e2c 018293cb 0012585a 00109b62 0010a319
Code: 64 89 32 a1 b8 4f 1b 00 89 98 e8 09 00 00 4e 83 7c 24 14 00
Segmentation fault


   I am running 1.3.20 kernel.  Please help me out of this problem.  
Since I don't have the required SCO files, I have to follow this
procedure to install oracle.  

    Thanks a lot in advance.



1. Installing Oracle7 Workgroup SCO Server on Linux platform

Hi there,

To install the Oracle 7 server on a Linux platform,
I've been following the procedure in the 'oracle_on_linux.html'
it is written by Georg Rehfeld and can be picked up from quite a few
I've tried the installation on the free 90 day trial CD (order from
Oracle part C10301), but no luck.
First of all I got iBCS running, enabling me to run SCO SVR3 type
binaries on a Linux platform.

To install the SCO binaries,
I start of in /cdrom/sco/server/orainst, which calls
the cd_link program (also in this dir) and get an error from this
cd_link program :
'Unable to open file /cdrom/sco/server/YMTRANS.TBL;1!'
Actually the cd_link program uses YMTRANS.TBL files to do it's job.
(The file date of cd_link is april 13 1995, size 56408 bytes.)
Does anyone know what this could be ??
Also a few other SCO binaries are necessary for installation:
/bin/idar (archiver)
/bin/idas (assembler)
/bin/idld (linker)
/lib/idcpp (preprocessor)
/lib/idcomp (compiler)
Does anyone know where I could get them from...?

Some more possible hurdles:
trying to start a SCO binary (whilst iBSC is running!) in xwindows,
like 'usermgr' will give the error message :'Cannot open display: 0.0'
However interfacing with the server can possibly be done on a remote
computer running Personal Oracle 7 Workgroup/2000 on Windows95,
(another free 90 day trial CD, order from Oracle, partnr: C10622).

Anyway, happy hunting,

Bert Boer

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