accounting/billing/time tracking app

accounting/billing/time tracking app

Post by Iain O'Ca » Fri, 05 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm aware that a couple of consulting companies in my city are presently
working independently on new time tracking apps, with the aim of getting
their staff to input time remotely, via the Web.

What sort of open source accounting/billing/time tracking apps are
out there?

I've taken a quick look at BANAL.  Would that be the best target to try
focusing these companies' efforts on?

- Iain


1. Time tracking, project planning, and billing, oh my!

I have a small (read: one person) consulting company, and am tired of
tracking the multiple projects for multiple clients in flat-text files and
hand-generating the LaTeX invoices.  Windows consultants have MS Project, so
what do Linux consultants use?  I've tried a lot of such applications, but
none of them seemed really ready for full-time use.  For example,
phpGroupWare had a reasonably decent time tracking module, but it had no
real support for reporting, or even such things as "list all projects that
are not completed".

Can it really be true that noone's written a project manager for Linux
that's ready for use?  Yes, I know that the canonical answer is that I
should write one myself, but I simply don't have the money to do it right
now.  I've seen some closed-source apps that looked OK, such as Intellisys'
"Project Desktop", but I'm loathe to use a closed app for what would become
a core part of my business.  Any suggestions?
Kirk Strauser

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