Announcing CodeSurfer 1.6 - now available for Linux!!!

Announcing CodeSurfer 1.6 - now available for Linux!!!

Post by Kirk Macoli » Fri, 25 Jan 2002 05:12:53

GrammaTech announced today that it has released a new version of a
next-generation maintenance, understanding, inspection, and analysis
tool, CodeSurfer? 1.6 for C, which fully supports the Linux operating
system for the first time.  The new version also introduces some major
improvements to navigation, especially for types and macros.

CodeSurfer is useful for software understanding, inspection,
restructuring, maintenance, debugging, testing, feature extraction,
impact analysis, specialization, reuse, anomaly detection, and
security and safety assurance tasks.

CodeSurfer's powerful program-analysis techniques precompute program
properties allowing you to quickly and precisely analyze and
understand ANSI C source code. CodeSurfer is the first commercial tool
to provide precise interprocedural program slicing and pointer
analysis. CodeSurfer automatically generates hyperlinks in your
project so that navigating the dependences in your code is as easy as
surfing the web.

CodeSurfer's interprocedural program slicing is a technique that
reveals the deep structure within source code. A forward slice from
any point of interest shows all the code that is impacted by that
point of interest. A backward slice shows all the code that impacts
the point of interest.

CodeSurfer can help you understand the far-reaching effects of
statements in your program, which are not otherwise easily discovered.
CodeSurfer performs pointer analysis so it knows which pointers point
to which variables and procedures. CodeSurfer provides advanced
searching capabilities that take into account control flow, data flow,
and program structure to deliver precise query results.

Major New Features in CodeSurfer? 1.6

*This version introduces the ability to inspect type information. A
variable's type is now shown in the property sheet for that variable.
You can also easily surf directly to the type definition to better
understand your data types.
*CodeSurfer allows you to surf to macro definitions from their use in
the code.  Unlike most tools CodeSurfer builds with a given set of
preprocessor symbols so that you surf to the correct definition, even
though the macro may be defined several different ways in your code.
CodeSurfer can also provide the fully expanded macro.
*New functionality has been added to allow the user to easily do
queries on the points-to-set of actual parameters of functions.
*CodeSurfer 1.6 also provides enhanced scalability and build

Limited Time Offer

Until February 28, 2002 GrammaTech is offering the CodeSurfer
Node-Locked Entry Package for $495.  A savings of $300.

On-Line Demonstrations

GrammaTech now offers live on-line CodeSurfer demonstrations via
WebEx.  Please contact GrammaTech's Sales Department at

additional information.
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