Job Offer--Startup Company--Unix System Engineer

Job Offer--Startup Company--Unix System Engineer

Post by Robert Dot » Thu, 17 Apr 1997 04:00:00

System Engineer

A startup is forming, and we are looking for an experienced application
engineer to join us in the adventure.  Presently, we have one helluva
idea, a sound business plan, two dedicated entrepreneurs, and we expect
to have financing soon.

The Idea:

In a nutshell, our idea is to use the Internet to facilitate
communications among the sales forces and marketing divisions of large
corporations.  We'll be building the solution as a Web server that
provides document control, soundex searching, discussion forums, sales
funnel management, and Usenet-like capabilities for sharing information
across corporate sales divisions.  

About Us:

Right now, we're small.  There are two principles; a veteran technology
salesman and a technology support professional.  We both have years of
experience selling large network systems to Fortune 1000 companies.  Our
business idea grew from years of observing common problems shared by
many large sales forces.  The sad fact is that many companies lose
millions of dollars because their salespeople don't have an easy way to
communicate-to share ideas, responses to RFP's, and successful sales

We decided to start a business that would address this problem.  Having
spent years in high-tech sales, we're e*d about the possibility of
developing a solution that can be used by hundreds of organizations to
address a very real "pain" they share.  Because of our positions in
high-tech sales, we understand our market extremely well.  We just need
an engineer to help us put the product together.

About You:

Entrepreneurial, resourceful, and highly technical are the key qualities
we're seeking.  Our system will be built on a Unix platform with a SQL
database backed by optical storage technologies.  We'll be using the
latest Web technologies including TCL, CGI, and Java.  You'll need a
firm understanding of these technologies in addition to experience with
shell script programming, TCP/IP networking, and object-oriented

Initially, it doesn't matter where you reside.  In the technology
development phase (expected to last six months), you can live anywhere.
But when the product is developed and tested, we'll be opening an office
in either Dallas, Texas, or Colorado Springs, Colorado.  You'll have to
be willing to relocate as the ball gets rolling.

What's Expected:

Every week, each team member will be assigned a mutually agreed upon
task list.  From the business side, this list might include items like
profiling target customers, developing pricing strategies, researching
RFP's, applying for a domain name, getting a business license, and
obtaining capital investment.  From the engineering side, this list
might include designing the database structure, configuring the Web
server, and writing CGI / Java scripts to perform certain tasks.
Initially, we expect each principle to devote a minimum of twenty hours
to the business each week.  Work requirements will increase as the
project progresses.  

The following week, a phone conference will be held between all
principles.  The purpose of this conference will be to check-off
accomplishments and assign new tasks to each participant.  

After approximately six months, we expect to have formed a legal
business entity and have a product to sell.  We'll rent office space,
devote ourselves full-time to the company, and draw salaries from loans
and capital investments.


Within six weeks, we expect to be a legal business entity.  At that
time, the two principles are prepared to hire an engineer to perform
certain tasks.  We'll pay a salary, and any work the engineer does will
become the legal property of the principles.  You may choose this
option, and become our first employee.

There is an alternative, however, which could prove to be much more
profitable.  We are prepared to share our business plan with the right
individual and offer him equity in the company.  Instead of receiving a
weekly salary, he will receive stock options for each set of tasks that
he completes.  

This is a risky proposition; it is built on the respect and trust that
the principles have for one another.  The payoff, however, could be
phenomenal.  This is the nature of any entrepreneurial undertaking.

The Next Step:

If you have the technological skills, a strong entrepreneurial spirit,
20 hours a week to devote to the business concept, and are highly

1.  A description of why you'd like to join a startup company.
2.  A resume, complete with references.
3.  An example of something you have done which demonstrates an
entrepreneurial spirit.  This might include magazine articles that you
have written, programs that you've designed, pointers to a Web page that
you created, etc.  

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