Post by Victor Wagn » Sun, 26 Dec 1999 04:00:00

: I am developing a web based front end for Oracle. The application basically takes takes HTML input
: and querries the databse based on the conditions requested by the user. The db then returns a time
: series result which needs to be graphed before being displayed back to the web (in HTML).

There is gd library. Recent versions output png, which is understood by
modern browsers. It have nice Perl interface, so combining it with
DBD::Oracle you can plot graphs directly from database.

There is also highlevel interface module on top of it called GIFgraph.
Search on CPAN.


The only "intuitive" interface is the *.  After that, it's all learned.



Post by Grant Edwar » Fri, 31 Dec 1999 04:00:00

>Does anyone know of a graphing program that can read in a text
>file (the querry results) and output a graph (jpg, bmp, ...)
>that can then be inserted into HTML?


The last time I looked, it will generate giff, png, bmp,
postscript and several dozen other output formats.

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I have implement the similar solution, you may need to write a shell script
to pre-format the output to
the required format.
Please refer to the following mail message :-

Why not use Perl?

The module allows you to create gif's on the fly...
The module uses and allows easy creation of various
types of graphs/piecharts...

You can find both GD and GifGraph at your nearest CPAN mirror
( If you want a quick lok at GifGraph examples I
currently have them installed at my webpage

These won't generate jpegs (non-photographic pics probably compresses
better as gif anyway... or is it principal dislike of the gif
format/licence issues?)
Not sure if there are any modules for JPG for Perl (check at CPAN
yourself), but you could of course pipe the produced gif through
something like ImageMagick (or similar conversion program) to save it
as a JPG...

basically takes takes HTML input
The db then returns a time
know of a commercial

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