Not Spamming, Just telling . Big fast linux download site I found.

Not Spamming, Just telling . Big fast linux download site I found.

Post by gondo » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Found a good download site.. Really fast most the time, and quite large.

1. find out how big a file but not download it

How can I find out how big a file is before downloading it, say from
the command line?

On it says
"The interview is available in MP3 format in high , medium or low
bandwidth versions." with 3 links.

I suppose I would use a HTTP HEAD request to find out how big they
were before deciding on downloading, but this is not a command line method.

I could start wget and hit ^C right away, but that is messy,
especially for a script.

I don't think wwwoffle can just get HEAD.

OK, I figured it out.  Can you believe I must do e.g.
echo|wget --delete-after -SQ1 -i -
I.e. I can set a quota of no less than one byte.  I must use -i if I
have only one site.  Perhaps the wget wishlist should be aware of this...
-- Taiwan(04)25854780

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