Nostradamus & Linux

Nostradamus & Linux

Post by Davi » Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:40:18

Nostradamus was one smart guy, wasn't he!!

Dave Clark


1. Nostradamus I. (Linux prediction came true?)

From time to time, comp.os.linux.advocacy is visited by self-appointed
Nostradamus'es (Nostradami? ;).
These enlightened people tell us about the last day on earth - for Linux
that is.
I have dug up some of them, looking at the time they should come into
Here's one by Piddy:


Subject: The astonishing TRUTH about Linux!
Date: 17 Sep 1999 00:00:00 GMT

Organization: Hotel HaHa

Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy

The popularity of Linux will PEAK by the middle of next year!
Linux will never exceed more than 4% of the installed/used PC
Operating System base.

The problems prohibiting the success of Linux:


6). Last but not least, Linux is nothing more than another attempt to
overthrow capitalism by the ignorant masses. Yep, the little envious,
nobodies at the keyboard think they can beat the likes of Bill. The
absurd notion that communal programming can defeat the best
programmers money can buy is the main and most important reason why I
KNOW for a fact that Linux will go no farther than the middle of 2000.


So, Piddy knows for a fact that Linux will go no farther than the middle
of 2000 (we're past that, aren't we?).

I would like to challenge piddy to show that his prediction came true.

"Hello, everybody!"
- Doctor Nick
Martin A. Boegelund.

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