Warcraft II under dosemu

Warcraft II under dosemu

Post by Gerrit Visse » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I have seen a lot of people asking how to get Warcraft 2 running under
the dosemu lately. I have spent the weekend messing about with my setup
to determine what is essential, what makes it crash, and also which
settings has no effect.

I have written a mini howto on getting it to run. It is attached to this
mail message. Any coments etc. is welcome. I'll ba able to maintain it
for the next couple of weeks, so additions etc. are welcome.

Hope it helps

Gerrit Visser

[ Warcraft2-HOWTO 5K ]

      This document explains how to get Warcraft II running with dosemu


This document assumes that dosemu is installed, but not neccesarily
configured. The first section deals with issues related to specific versions
of Dosemu, while the last deals with things comman to all.

1. General notes before reading the rest of this document.

My setup is RedHat 5.0, kernal 2.0.32, dosemu 0.98.2 I have Warcraft 2 running
under dosemu with my current configuration.

I have previously also had it running under 0.66.?, but I have a peculiar
problem, and can not get it to work now: What happens is that I can see my
WC II cd under dosemu, but it gives me an empty directory listing. I can change
directories, but the subdirectories also show up empty. This is happening only
to my WC II cd. I can see directory listings of all my other cd's. Also, 0.98.2
didn't give me this problem. Neither did Linux itself, nor dos nor MS Windows 95.

I found it necessary to use a dos mouse driver instead of the native linux
driver, as WC II hangs after a while when using the linux driver. ( I have
double checked this). I don't use Linux a lot at the moment (changing fast), so I
had one problem I couldn't fix: Running dosemu as non-root, the mouse driver
wouldn't load. Another problem is that the mouse driver sometimes doesn't "find"
the mouse. Just manually load the driver again, until it does.

The minimum DPMI memory WC II needs to run is 5848 k, but the moment a menu is
opened, it bombs out with a memory error. Using 6144 cured this, but I haven't
played it for more than the first level with this memory setting.

Most people who manage to ALMOST get WC II running, has a problem like this:
"Warcraft starts up OK, but when I want to start playing, It asks for the CD.
 My cd is in the drive, and dosemu can read the drive OK. The drive is also
 the same as the drive I installed it from"
The problem is that they used "lredir", or such to assign the cdrom mounted
under linux to the drive. Dos then sees this drive as a normal drive, and NOT
a CDROM. To overcome the problem, use the same method to mount the cdrom as
under dos, but use the cdrom.sys driver in config.sys instead of the driver
coming with the cdrom drive.

I have not tested sound at the moment, but it crashes WC II under dosemu 0.98.2
as far as I know (According to Gregg Jensen). Dosemu 0.66 do not support sound as
far as I know. Network support is theoretically possible, but I have not seen it
work. (IPX is supported with dosemu). Any feedback will be appreciated.

If you get Warcraft running, but it hangs after a while, (with rawkeybordmode off)
press <ctrl><alt><F2> (No change will be seen on the screen), and then press
<ctrl><alt><del> to restart linux.

2. Dosemu 0.98.2
2.1 Setting up the HDIMAGE file

Create a bootable dos diskette. Copy the "mscdex.exe" file shipping with your
version of dos, onto this diskette. "edit.com", might also be useful, but
isn't essential.
Now create the HDIMAGE file using this diskette.Shipping with the Redhat RPM
file (dosemu-0.98.2-1.i386.rpm) is a file called "setup-hdimage". It is located
in the /var/lib/dosemu directory. This program automates the creation of the
hdimage. The output is a file called "hdimage.first"
(I don't know if this program is included with all versions of the dos
emulator - feedback would be usefull)

2.2 Configuring dosemu

Make certain that /etc/dosemu.conf has the followin options set:
        $_rdtsc = (off)         # Must be off for WCII
        $_dpmi = (6144)         # Minimum 5848, but crashes on menu opperations
        $_rawkeyboard = (off)   # After WCII doesn't hang, change it to on ;-)
        $_video = "vga"               # Must be on for graphics (??)
        $_console = (off)       # Unknown whether it has an influence
        $_graphics = (on)       # Must be on for graphics
        $_videoportaccess = (on)# Must be on for graphics
        $_hdimage = "hdimage.first"
        $_com1 = "/dev/mouse"         # Or whatever your mouse's devicename is
        $_mouse_dev = ""      # ie. DONT use internal mouse driver
        $_sound = (off)         # Sound crashes WCII as far as I know

3. Dosemu 0.66.7

3.1 Creating the dos boot disk

Create a dos bootable disk. Copy the "mscdex.exe" file of the specific dos
version you use onto this boot disk. "edit.com" would also come in handy, but
isn't essential. Install the dos mouse driver which came with your mouse onto
this boot-disk. See allso section 3 for setting up the autoexec.bat and config.sys

3.2 Configuring dosemu
The following should be included in /etc/dosemu.conf
        serial { com 1 device /dev/mouse }      # Or your mouse setup i
        video { vga }
        allowvideoportaccess on
        sound_emu off
        disk { image "/var/lib/dosemu/hdimage" } # Is this needed ?
        dpmi 6144                               # Same as 0.98.2 ?

4. Common setup options

4.1 Setting up config.sys and autoexec.bat

Run the dos-emulator (dos). Copy the mscdex.exe file from the bootable disk to
the c:\ drive. Also, install the dos mouse driver that came with your mouse to the
c:\ drive. I assume that the mouse driver is called "mouse.exe". Edit the
config.sys file, to make certain that it contains the following line:
This driver uses the native linux cdrom driver.

Now edit the autoexec.bat file, and make certain that it contains
        c:\mscdex.exe /d:mscd0001 /l:e
The "/l:e" maps it to the e:\ drive under dosemu. Substitute the name of your
mouse driver for the mouse.exe above.

with a subject line which contains "wc2:", as I will use a filter to seperate it
from other mail. If you manage to get it working under other versions of dosemu,
I would like to hear from you. A dosemu.conf file for 0.66.? would be appreciated
if it works.

I'll get a web page sometime in the next week or two (hopefully), and post
updates there.

Gerrit Visser


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