Showing the 'call stack'

Showing the 'call stack'

Post by Larry Pyea » Sat, 18 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> Hi,
>     Is there a way that I can display the function call history when my signal


Quote:> void Terminate(int SignalNo) {
>    printf("Terminated on %d\n",SignalNo);
>    exit(-1);


Quote:> -----------------------------------------------
> Suppose the error happened inside of 'ReadLine', I'd like the 'Terminate'
> function to indicate that the error occured at line x in 'ReadLine' that was
> call by 'ReadLineInFile' at line y by 'main' at line z...

> Is there a stack somplace that I can get this info from? Must I absolutely use
> the de* options?

The easiest way that I know of is to use abort() instead of
exit(-1) to force a core dump, then look at the core.

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