How to intercept keys and mouse messages?

How to intercept keys and mouse messages?

Post by Frédéric Feyton » Fri, 16 May 2003 02:37:04

Hi, I'd like to make a program which is abble to intercept keyboard and
mouse event... like I would install a hook on the keyboard under Windows...
but I don't know how to do :(

Could you help me?




1. intercept key press

Hi !

  I am Bharath . I am using Red Hat 2.2
  I am looking for reasons rather than solution to my question.
  Is it possible to intercept the key press so that you can execute
  your own routine than a default routine for key press .
  For Eg : It is possible for you send what ever you type on keybord
  to log file then display it on console .
  If the answer is Yes please do tell me how to go about it .
  Any suggestions on this matter will be duly appreciated . I have not
  to the list hence ,I kindly request to send your valuable suggestions by
CC ing to

With regards

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