automake question

automake question

Post by Capsta » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 17:15:33


I have a piece of code which retrieves data from some hardware over a
network. This hardware is installed in a vme rack, and the application which
processes the data can also be run on another system. What I would like now
is to make different implementations for getting the data. If the
application runs on the vme system, it can access the hardware directly, but
if it's not running on that system it has to access a server which will then
run on that system.
I use the autotools to keep this application portable between the different
systems. But my question now is: What do I need to put in or so I can type for instance ./configure --local-data=yes or
./configure --local-data=no, and then a LOCALDATA define will be defined in
config.h automaticly?

thanks in advance,


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I am currently trying to move a project to the GNU automake system, and I
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Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


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