Travan-4 Meltdown?

Travan-4 Meltdown?

Post by E. Kevin Hal » Thu, 04 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

To anyone who has a TR-4 tape drive: does the tape (especially the metal botom
plate) get *rediculously* hot with sustained activity? Can this be o.k. for the

(Using an HP Colorado 8GB)

E. Kevin Hall
Massachusetts General Hospital
NMR Research Center


1. How can one optimize Travan-4 backup settings??

Quick question (or, perhaps not...): how can I determine the optimal
backup parameters for a Travan-4 tape?  I know that one should optimize
the blocksize & density for good streaming, but how is this determined?
Likewise, how can I determine what is tape length, or what is the current
position on the tape?  

Thanks -



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