Web tools

Web tools

Post by Julian W » Sun, 08 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me where to get web authoring or tools to design a web
site for Linux.



1. What graphics and web tools should I find for unix webbing?

I am trying to set up a small unix web server and was wondering what
graphics tools and other web tools I should set up that would be useful
and compliment the apache server?  In particular would probably be
graphics converters and image manipulation tools, and document conversion
tools for things coming from the windoz environment to unix.  I would
be appreciative of any insights as to what others have found useful or
not so useful, and why.

My machine is a FreeBSD machine with the apache 1.3.6 server.
One thing I might need to look at is a scanner and software that
would run on the FreeBSD box.  Any suggestions for that would be

Any good urls to point to might be useful, too.


Bob Keys.... (gotta start in geek newbie mode again, since webbing is not
              my forte,.....(:+{{..... yet).

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