Second Bayonne Milestone released (GNU Telephony Server)

Second Bayonne Milestone released (GNU Telephony Server)

Post by David Suga » Sun, 04 Jun 2000 04:00:00

The second cvs milestone for Bayonne has been made available
for immediate download from  
This second release introduces support for Pika Analog DSP
cards using a plugin telephony driver that interfaces with the
Pika MonteCalro API under GNU/Linux.  A third driver, a "dummy"
module, has been added for building Bayonne when no
telephony resources are found.  This may become a testing
module in the future.

In addition to conclusively demonstrating Bayonne's universal
plugin telephony architecture by supporting vastly different
telephony interfaces, the second milestone also fixes a number
of open issues with milestone 1 and with "phonedev" support for
QuickNet DSP cards.

Bayonne is the telephony server of the GNU project.  Bayonne
offers a state-of-the-art multi-threaded script programmable
voice response server.  Further information about Bayonne may
be found at  Further information about
the GNU project and gnu telephony may be found from

David Sugar
Bayonne GNU Maintainer