MegaPOV 0.6 on Linux: compile probs

MegaPOV 0.6 on Linux: compile probs

Post by M.Cra.. » Thu, 19 Oct 2000 13:23:51


 Is there anybody out there, who has successfully compiled
 MegaPOVray 0.6 for Linux?

 I have had problems with some unresolved symbols, which
 seem to be located somewhere around the svga / libgl stuff.

 May be the fault is totally different...don't know.

 Thank you VERY MUCH for any help in advance!


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1. Anyone has had this Probs w/ Krnl pre2.0.6/7

Hi !

Im interested if someone had a similar problem, ( so my probs could be the result of a
kernel-bug ) or do only i have these problems....

I've been using 1.3.100 and 1.3.81 over a longer period without no probs ( System 24h/day up)
But now I upgraded to pre2.0.6 , and my maschine crashed after about 12h uptime.
At time of crash, there was no load on it.

Also a new problem I have : When I do a /sbin/reboot, the bios reports a memory-error
while booting. When I do a reboot with /sbin/halt and then pressing reset-button the problem
doesn't occur.

My system is:
Pentium 100/so called "Triton"/Gigabyte Board
Aha 2940/newer release
SMC Etherpower/100 (using the de4x5 driver)
Atlantic NE2000 ( driver as module, not installed )
PPP/Masquerating/Firewalling etc.
Elsa Winner1000ProPCI

Kernel compiled with Pentium-GCC 2.7.2pl8 with -mpentium -O3
( never had probs with previous kernels oder  other programs using this compiler)
Lib C 5.2.18
Kernel Release pre2.0.6 or 7

Michael Hoess

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