Anybody coded the ISPF editor yet?

Anybody coded the ISPF editor yet?

Post by hessling mar » Wed, 04 Nov 1998 04:00:00

: Just wondering if anyone has coded something like the editor that comes
: with IBM's ISPF facility?

As XEDIT is "something like ISPF" then you might want to look at THE (The
Hessling Editor); an XEDIT clone.  See my signatire below for details.

Cheers, Mark
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1. Any low cost ISPF editors?

We are a IBM mainframe shop using ISPF on both MVS and VM, and now
have a few RS6000's for voice applications.

As there is a AIX version of ISPF for about $1000, it's hard to justify
that cost for just one or two programmers.

We do have CPEDIT, which is a VM like X-EDIT editor, but is there a
ISPF editor for just a few hundred dollars?

Dean Wittke
Cal Poly Administrative Systems

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