NEW: Linux Development tools web site.

NEW: Linux Development tools web site.

Post by Snoop Baro » Tue, 02 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Since people are often asking about programming tools when they move to
Linux I think this web site I prepared for one of my classes will be
useful. It is a survey of development tools (short reviews, pics, links,

Since I'm always using Linux all the tools there run under Linux. Some
are available on other platforms as well.

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1. COMMERCIAL: TalentSoft Web+ - New Web Development Tool for Linux


Dear Web Developer,

As a SunSoft Catalyst Developer Program member and a member of the Sun
Java Council, TalentSoft is proud to announce its release of Web+ 3.0
for Solaris and Linux.

TalentSoft Web+ is the premier web-based application development tool
for UNIX and Windows. By using an open, easy to learn scripting
language that closely resembles Basic and HTML, developers can quickly
create highly interactive applications that combine the power of
database interaction with the versatility of a thin-client

This makes Web+ an excellent choice for both large and small
corporations wishing to deploy powerful Internet and intranet
applications quickly and with little effort.

The key features of Web+ are its support for mixed platforms and true
multi-tiered client/server architecture, allowing developers to separate
the client and server components to different machines that may even run
with different operating systems.

With the components separated, Web+ is extremely scaleable, having been
tested successfully on a web site with an average of 2,000,000 hits/day,

40% of which are hits to the Web+ server. This makes Web+ the ideal
choice for sites with heavy usage.

For more information, visit the TalentSoft web site at



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