ANN: LibVRML97/Lookat v0.7 - Open VRML97 Toolkit&Browser

ANN: LibVRML97/Lookat v0.7 - Open VRML97 Toolkit&Browser

Post by chr.. » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Version 0.7 of LibVRML97/Lookat has been released at

LibVRML97 is a toolkit for incorporating VRML into applications, and
Lookat is a simple VRML browser based on the library. This code is
currently being developed and is one of the more complete open source
VRML browsers available. All VRML97 nodes except Text/FontStyle and
the drag sensors (CylinderSensor, Plane, Sphere) are supported.
The Script node supports much of the Javascript API with more on the
way. See for more information.
The code is C++ and is released under a LibJPEG-style license (copyright
but no restrictions on use, modification, or redistribution).

The library has been built on Linux 2.0.32 and Sun Solaris 2.5, and
prior versions have been built on Win95. I'm interested in hearing
about experiences porting to other systems. Enhancements coming soon
include adding Java in Script nodes and a user interface/navigation.

for list subscription instructions,


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