Latest libc manual version ?

Latest libc manual version ?

Post by Peter Cherrim » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi there
>I just down loaded the gnu-libc.05 manual from sunsite, but I see its dated
>around mid 93. Is there a later verion or is this the only one for Linux.
>The manual is about 400 pages so I want to be sure before I print it out.

I got a version by downloading the whole of the glibc tar  file from the
gnu arvhive mirror site, which is available at mist sunsite mirrors. I got mine from

The then did a make in the doc subdirectory to make the manual. It is dated
24th October 1994. fot version 1.09 beta. The manual is over 650 pages long, so
I have the dvi file on my machine to refer to online, the chapters I have used
extensively I have printed out 4up together with the indexes and contents pages.

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