Counting Page Validity faults.

Counting Page Validity faults.

Post by Todd Frase » Sat, 24 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am working on a system monitoring program for Linux and I would like
it to report how many page faults the system had within 5 minutes.  I am
programing this in C++ and the getrusage command only dose for the
process or its children.  I need to get the amount of faults for the
intire system.  Is there a library that handles this, or is there in a
file in the /dev or /proc directory, is there a command line utility
that gets that information.  Any Help would be apreacteated.

Todd Fraser


1. page validity fault handler hints?

I'm a newby to LINUX kernel development, so I'd like to get some pointers
on how LINUX handles certain nitty-gritty details, and where I should look
for detailed information.

My basic interest is in the implementation of virtual memory page faults.
I'd like to be able to try out modifications to the kernel code that acts
as the handler for validity fault signals.  Where can I look for
understanding of the design and details of this code, to gain the
understanding I would need to  fiddle with it?

Any advice or pointers people can give me will be deeply appreciated!

Chris Lee

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