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Quote:>>Hello Folks,

>>        I'm doing a survey of HTML tools available for LINUX.

Try Searching the Virtual Software Library at
 this is in UK but there is also a 'Front Desk' in USA (don't have the URL)

                Caversham Computer Services Ltd
             29 Kidmore Road, Reading RG4 7LR   UK
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1. Visual HTML++, the best HTML tool ever.

  Visual HTML++ is a complete WYSIWYG WWW development
system allowing you to create WWW home pages simply by
pointing-and-clicking. And unlike any other tool there
is, no HTML knowledge required. Making your page with
Visual HTML++ you never see the HTML mark-ups. You see
you home page as you create it!

  Visual HTML++ is as simple as Windows paint program,
anyone can use it. It's going to save you hours of work,
whether you're a WWW proffessional, or an amateur. It
even supports creating interactive forms with point-and-
click interface. Comming versions will support HotJova,
plus most of the NetScape HTML extensions.

  Visual HTML++ requires Windows 3.1 or 95, 4MB and 1.5MB
of space on your harddrive. It includes a setup program,
so the installation is really easy.

  Try it for free for 30 days, and you won't regret it!!!
You won't have to write even one line of HTML code anymore.
And you'll never have to start your browser just to see
the changes you made to your page. Let's just say that,
Visual HTML++ is the BEST!!!

  E:llussion only has one goal, and that is to make WWW
development easier. So check out our home page at, and
download Visual HTML++ now. You don't wanna stay behind,
so just do it!


  Visual HTML++ is also available on every major on-line
service in U.S, and CICA ftp.  
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