Lost Return key on new Linux ncurses recompile?

Lost Return key on new Linux ncurses recompile?

Post by Paul Parris » Thu, 30 Oct 1997 04:00:00

  I have just recompiled my ncurses-based application on Linux
2.0.0.  Now it will not recognize the Return key - I have to
use <ctrl>+J to make it go.  This worked fine on 1.2.x.  

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.



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One of my colleagues has a problem. He recompiled the kernel of his
RedHat 5.0 Linux. The new kernel works fine, but X cannot find the
mouse. GPM works, and he used


to detect the type of mouse. After that he verified that the settings in
/etc/X11/XF86config were OK. If he boots the old kernel it still works.

I have no idea about this! If gpm works, and /usr/sbin/mouseconfig is
OK, then I presume that the kernel is handling the mouse properly.

Someone having any suggestions? My friend realizes that he could just
reinstall the system to get the kernel options he needs. But I don't
want to make him feel 'burned 'on a kernel  recompile.

Erik Kaffehr

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