Announcement: Configuration Library and Utilities

Announcement: Configuration Library and Utilities

Post by marc we » Sun, 02 Mar 1997 04:00:00


This is an announcement for a library I wrote to retrieve
configuration data (the stuff normally stored in /etc/foo.conf
and ~/.foorc). The library tries to make the following tasks easier:

* Accessing configuration data from shell scripts or C programs:

    Previously it would have been necessary to write a small
    parser. Now you can access data with only a few function calls.

* Organizing the location of configuration files:

    The library allows you to move configuration files without
    recompiling the application.

* Modifying configuration files:

    The files managed by the library all have the same format, so
    they should be easier to edit by hand. A special configuration
    file editor has also been provided.

Although this is the first public release of this library, I think
it should stable enough to be used in real C programs and shell
scripts. The library is released under the GNU library license and
the associated utilities are released under the GPL.

The web page is at