Linux C++ programmers needed

Linux C++ programmers needed

Post by T.Jacob » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I am a software consultant and am looking for some linux c++
programmers to participate in a software project.  If you know of any one or
of any place I might look to locate
some if you would, please let me know.


1. >>PW:C/C++ UNIX ANALYST/PROGRAMMER: Unix, Sun, Solaris 2.x, C/C++


Our successful candidate must have 2+ years working experience with
and expertise in Sun Solaris, UNIX, C/C++ programming and analytical
problem solving skills. Working knowledge of Internet technologies
such as Java, HTTP, RDBMS/SQL, TCP/IP, and Routers is an asset.

The successful candidate will participate in the development of new
and existing Internetworking-based services and infrastructure. Tasks
include the evaluation and testing of hardware and software
technologies, documentation of system design and functional
specifications and software integration development in the area of
Internet services and service management.

The primary location is in Toronto with some travel to Ottawa or

The successful candidate will benefit with working on Internetworking
and Internet technologies and will work with existing and new
technologies and platforms. The employee will learn new skills in the
area of internetworking, design and architecture.

"Must Have" Skills

Unix, Sun, Solaris 2.x (2 years)
C/C++ (2 years)
Analytical and problem solving skills (1 year)

"Nice to Have" Skills

Programming in Java, HTTP, SQL/RDBMS

Posting Date: 4/21/98
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Title: C/C++ Unix Analyst/Programmer
Technology: Unix, Sun, Solaris 2.x, C/C++, UNIX, Analytical and
problem solving skills
Industry: Telcommunications

Contact Info

Please be sure to include your FULL MAILING ADDRESS in your
submissions and quote BAC.DF.8011 in the subject field of your email.
Please submit resume as TEXT in body of email.

Contact Person: Staffing Consultant

We appreciate your interest in this position. If your skills strongly
match the above description, we will contact you promptly for an

Company General Address
Bell Canada
483 Bay Street, 2S-O
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 2E1

Company Web Site:


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