APPLIX: 1.1 - Word count macro for Words

APPLIX: 1.1 - Word count macro for Words

Post by Yeechang L » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

a former Applix employee, v1.1 of the world-famous, earth-shaking,
stays-crunchy-in-milk macro for Applix Words is now
available.  (I'd have included a diff but I suspect it'd be longer
than the macro itself.)

Major changes (OK, the only real change) include the word count
information now appearing in the bottom status line instead of that

'Counting. . .'  message has also been added along with the good ol' X
hourglass for those times you're checking anything longer than five
pages or so.

I have, as usual, uploaded it to
<URL:>, from which it
will shortly be moved to
<URL:>. -- Guaranteed to cure baldness!  Prevent wars!  Lead the
Packers to victory in the Super Bowl!  Get yours today!


1. Word-counting macro

I've uploaded the word count macro I posted this morning to

<URL:>, from where it
will presumably soon be moved to
<URL:>. is
the file; open it with the Macro Editor for installation

Yes, it is majorly simple.  Hey, it works, right?

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