3D spreadsheet with GUI: new release of abs (0.5)

3D spreadsheet with GUI: new release of abs (0.5)

Post by AndrĂ© Berti » Mon, 28 Dec 1998 04:00:00

abs is a free spreadsheet for UNIX/X11.

I develop under Linux and Aix

Successfull compilation and run are reported
under NetBSD and Irix

abs is distributed under GPL.

home site for preview and download:


Andr Bertin

What's New in Version 0.5

No more crash due to repeated cut and paste

Better behaviour when resized

text black on white rather than black on grey

better scrollbar behaviour (still some small problems)

no more crash at opening when a cell refer to another worksheet

inserting a sheet actives the new sheet

saving of the last active sheet and restoring

fig output more complete (exact color mach and filled rectangles)

defaut print of the entire worksheet if no cells selected

no more crash due to activation of function that need a selection and
there is no selection

sum, sort ascending and descending buttons (take care to circular
references when you sort... infinite loop)

indicator of the # of lines read when opening a file

print dialog under construction

import and export of Tab separated files improved.


1. === spreadsheet for LINUX/X11, new release of abs (0.3) ===

What is abs?

abs is a free basic spreadsheet with graphical user interface.
It run on Linux 2.0 and AIX 4.2.1
The last release is 0.3 , still a development release.

What are the basic functions?

1) A usefull graphical user interface, see the snapshot of the abs
2) macro language la Visual Basic.
3) XY, pie and bar charts.
4) Selected areas can be exported to a Fig file format and then printed
by the fig2dev program or edited in the Xfig drawing tool.
5) multi-documents management
6) Excell exportable file format through VBA macro file.

See the README and the NEW file in the .tgz distribution for more

Send comments and reactions to my e-mail:

Download at:


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