14 May LinuxCAD v 1.5

14 May LinuxCAD v 1.5

Post by Gordon Sco » Sat, 16 May 1998 04:00:00

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Yes, we know, but is it really necessary to repost this every day with
a different subject line -- please try once a month with the same
subject line so traffic and threading are sensible.

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1. those twerps at LinuxCAD (Re: 14 May LinuxCAD v 1.5)

What is wrong with these people?  (My email flame didn't get a
response.)  Is their linux product really doing so badly that they
dare anger linux.advocacy readers in one last desperate
self-destructing act?

I've generally resisted using kill-files but this is just getting to
be too much.


At one point in cyberspacetime,

[badly formatted BS in .advocacy]

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