Call for Participation, Ptools Conference 2000

Call for Participation, Ptools Conference 2000

Post by David McNamar » Sat, 25 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Attention Parallel Application Programmers!

Is your main debugging "tool" PRINT or printf? Is /bin/time your
favorite performance tool? Does it seem like the software tools you've
tried for parallel work were designed more for tool developers to admire
than for programmers to actually use?

Join us for the 5th Annual Meeting of the Parallel Tools Consortium, to
meet academic and vendor tools developers, as well as other users.

                             Call for Participation

              The 2000 Annual Meeting of the Parallel Tools Consortium

                               May 17-19, 2000
                        San Diego Supercomputer Center
                          San Diego, California, USA

Come meet the developers of parallel debugging and performance analysis
tools! Express your needs for parallel development tools and learn about
the experiences of developers and other users like yourself at the
scientific computing community's only dedicated forum for parallel tool

This year's meeting will emphasize clusters and tools for application
development on clusters, and have a vendor tools showcase, and sessions
on user experiences, tool-development infrastructure, freeware tools,
and lots more.

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