Statically re-linking a dinamically linked apps?

Statically re-linking a dinamically linked apps?

Post by Romano Giannet » Wed, 20 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi all!

  Well I think the subject tells it all: I have managed to compile,
with no little troubles, some really old programs. Now I have to
distribute them to students, but I don't like the idea of fighting
again with them: I have the ELF dinamically linked binaries, the
libraries (in .so and .a forms): it is possible to link all again and
obtain a statically linked binary from the dinamically linked one,
and how? To resume, it is possible obtain back a ".o" from the ELF

  Thanks to all for the help,

Dr. Romano Giannetti     Dip. di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Researcher               Elettronica Informatica Telecomunicazioni



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~I'm having a problem with files that were once linked to the original
file and now are broken because the original file has been changed.
My problem is this: I have a group of about 40 large files(120mb each)
in a directory.  I used a count to match a symbolic link to the
original file.  During the process some of the 40 files were deleted
and the rest were gzipped up to conserve space(the linking process
takes place before gzipping). So the links that originally worked now
are broken.  I need some way to copy where the old, broken link points
and re-link it to its now .gz file. I realize that this could be done
manualy, but I have 50 or so directories with this same problem.
    ~I also have a related question: Is there any way to copy part of
a string from an ls -l and paste it into a command?


f35 -> AST_L1B_00106302001001800_12272002210347  -broken

copy the symbolic link path AST_L1B_00106302001001800_12272002210347
from an ls -l

paste into a command that will relink to a proper file

ln -s (f35)(AST_L1B_00106302001001800_12272002210347.gz)

resulting in:

 f35 -> AST_L1B_00106302001001800_12272002210347.gz  -linked

Any input would be very helpful.

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