SHADOW support +MD5 password hash

SHADOW support +MD5 password hash

Post by Mr. Anti Spa » Mon, 04 May 1998 04:00:00

Is there a method to properly enable MD5 passwords in linux? slackware
3.4 with shadow, libc.5.4.44,
gcc2.7.3.3 with autoconf/automake.

I did ./configure --with-md5crypt with no success

It looks as if the src/Makefile does not make or include md5.c
md5crypt.c so I added those and
it *seems* to work fine.


1. How do I stop using MD5 passwd hashing in /etc/shadow


I've got to have conventional (non-MD5) hashed passwords in my NIS map for a
bunch of non-Linux systems using NIS from a Linux server.

How do I stop the Linux NIS server from using MD5 hashing, and resort to
conventional unix passwords?

RedHat gives you the option during installation, but I am not going to
reinstall this server just to sort out a little ruckus in the password maps

Many thankings,



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