Looking for beta testers for Linux (X-Windows/Gtk) class library (word processor)

Looking for beta testers for Linux (X-Windows/Gtk) class library (word processor)

Post by Lewis Gordon Pringle, Jr » Wed, 30 May 2001 05:49:16

    The Led C++ Class library - a tool for building sophisticated word
processing and text editing functionality into applications - has just been
ported to Linux/X-Windows/Gtk. I'm looking for a small number of fairly
technically savvy beta testers to take a look a this toolkit.

    This class library is very mature on the Macintosh and Win32 platforms,
and has been used to build commercial quality applications for several
years. I've now completed a port to X-Windows/Gtk which is late beta

    I need folks who can test the sample application (available from
.0b7.tar.gz) on a number of different Linux machines / X-Windows XServers.
And more importantly - I need people who are familiar with programming with
Gtk - who can evaluate how easy it is to integrate with the Gtk wrappers
I've written.

    If you are interested in playing with the sample editor - you can just
download it from the URL above (please note - this beta only supports RTF
input/output files). Please send any comments about compatability (or

    If you would like to beta test the C++ class library - please send me