cistron radius portslave installation

cistron radius portslave installation

Post by simo » Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi all linxuers,

I'm trying to set up a terminal server where from scatch.

I have RedHate 5.2 using multi-port serial card  (Comtrol Rocketport32 )

I have pulled together information from various sources
and trying to piece them togther.

I'm still trying to figure things out and
I'm not sure if I'm installed all the modules correctly.

I have downloaded the following files
  comtrol-1.15.tar.gz  drv for rockport32
  portslave-1_16_tar.tar  for dial-in
  radiusd-cistron-1_5_3_tar.tar for auth/authorization/account

* I have successfully installed and compiled  the rocket port driver
to /usr/src/comtrol  dir.

* I unziped the portslave-1_16_tar.tar to  /usr/src/portslave-1.16
installed and compiled it to   /usr/local/portslave.
edit      /usr/local/portslave/etc/server.cfg
edit     /etc/inittab
add to startupscript   /usr/local/portslave/bin/radinit

add following ( what's the purpose ? ? ? ? ?)
!root:x:999:1:Portslave Admin:/tmp:/usr/local/portslave/bin/ctlportslave


edit fingerd to use portslave's  /etc/inetd.conf

create  options file with 0 bytes  /etc/ppp/options
  chown root.dip  /usr/local/portslave/bin/pppd
  chmod 4755 /usr/local/portslave/bin/ppd

~ Why can't I locate  init q which should start the portslaves ?

~ How do I know if portlsave is running ?

* I untar  radiusd-cistron-1_5_3_tar.tar to  /usr/src

Edit src/conf.h to adjust paths for logfiles

Edit  src/Makefile ( how to add below ????? )
 Defines: DBM DBM support
  NDBM NDBM support (Mutually Exclusive )
  NOSHADOW Don't compile in shadow support
  CISTRON_COMPAT  Backwards compatibility with older cistron
     terminal servers
  NT_DOMAIN_HACK Strip first part of NT_DOMAIN\loginname

 umask 22
 mkdir -p /etc/raddb  /usr/adm/radact
 chmod 700 /etc/raddb   /usr/adm/radacct

Copy contents in /usr/src/radius/raddb  to  /etc/raddb
    clients, dictionary, hints, huntgroups, users

Compile radiusd in /usr/src/radiusd-cistron-1.5.3/src

gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c radiusd.c
radiusd.c: In function `unix_pass':
radiusd.c:1309: warning: implicit declaration of function `crypt'
radiusd.c:1309: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a
radiusd.c: At top level:
radiusd.c:1424: warning: `set_expiration' defined but not used
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c dict.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c files.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c util.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c md5.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c attrprint.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -c acct.c
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT    -c log.c -o log.o
gcc -Wall -g -DCISTRON_COMPAT  -o version.o -c version.c
gcc -static -o radiusd radiusd.o dict.o files.o util.o md5.o attrprint.o
radiusd.o: In function `unix_pass':
/usr/src/radiusd-cistron-1.5.3/src/radiusd.c:1309: undefined reference
to `cryp'
make: *** [radiusd] Error 1

~ What does the above mean and how do I fixed it ? ?
~ How do I know if it's working ?



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