please help me with news programming

please help me with news programming

Post by Hans Petter Faste » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I have written a program to take QWK messages and get them into a correct
newsgroups.  I know that UQWK will convert from QWK to news-format, but
since those messages do not come from a UNIX system UQWK inserted them into
wrong roups.  What I do is to split the qwk file into ascii files adding
newsgroup and subject lines at the top, then I send them to inews.  This is
very slow and makes heavy system load.  I have tried with rnews like UUCP do
this because I noticed that this was very quick and did not bring the system
load up to mutch, but since my messages have no MSGID this did not work.

  I will very mutch appreshiate some help on how this can be done correctly
since the program I have to day is not very usefill since it takes to mutch
time and system-recourses.



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        I have a dial up Internet connection. That means each time I
log on to the net I get a dynamic IP address. I got an assignment of
making a chat program in Linux platform. I made a server and a client
program using message queue. The server can accommodate many clients at
a time and the clients can chat between them though all the programs
must run in one machine.

        I want to that if when I am connected to the Internet and run the
server program on my computer. Can my friends who are also using dial
up ppp connection access my server and chat among themselves using my
client program. Just like yahoo messenger. Obviously I will change my
program and implement it using sockets.

        Can I do this? If not then why? If yes then give me some idea about
        Please someone help me. It is very urgent.

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