Memo to Microsoft:

Memo to Microsoft:

Post by Jim Nayl » Tue, 01 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Getcher December issue of Wired magazine out and read the cover article:
"83 Reasons Why Bill Gates's Reign is Over. Of most interest in the
context of this group and the reason I'm taking the time to quote it here
is item 9 in the "memo."

The article concludes with this sidebar:

"Memo to Microsoft: 10 Tips for the Era Ahead"
1. Preempt the antitrust crusade. Break up the company now, on your own terms.
2. Spin off Windows as a separate company. Put the OS in the public
domain. Sell support and service.
3. Turn NT into a corporate/enterprise service firm. Make this the last
upgrade ever.
4. Create distributed network software that's better than Jini and Java.
5. Get connected: move software headquarters to Silicon Valley.
6. Learn to play politics.
7. Exploit what goodwiill there is left. Give the Microsoft brand some
real meaning for the consumer.
8. Strip the geeks out of the media/interactive group and pack up the
bunch to LA or NY.
9. Send Gates up the mountain to find a business model that works for
commercial software, because all OS software will be free in the future.
10. Start the Microsoft Charitable Foundation with an initial endowment of
$25 billion - while you still have it."


Jim Naylor (remove the .nospam)


1. MS memo: Linux, Microsoft and the ugly

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of Linux sympathizers that
work _for_ Microsoft. I'm posting from Seattle, so take my word for it.
I find it far more plausible that it was leaked by a "rogue" employee.
After all, there are quite a few disgruntled folks in there.

The DOJ case is about Microsoft's behaviour. Not the existence or
non-existence of competition. And the leaked document can only build
a case _against_ them, since in that paper it is suggested that instead
of attacking a company, that they attack the process itself and the open
standards on which it is based.

I think that there is no need to "react". We have them on the run.
They are scared shitless. It is them that are "reacting". We are ACTING!
So let's just mind our bussiness and keep spreading the word about free
software. Now more than ever it is the time that we spread the message about
_freedom_ in addition to talking about the technical superiority of Linux.

It is the _freedom_ that makes Linux better, and it is by attacking our
_freedom_ that Microsoft can have any hope of surviving us. Freedom, meaning
free source code, rights to modify and redistribute. And open standards that
give the freedom to everyone to join in the game and contribute to our
community. When our users use Linux, they not only have a superior system.
They also have freedom. It is easy for folks to say "yeah whatever...I just
want to get my work done..." until you wake up one day in a Microsoft
dominated universe and realize what has been lost.


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