Linux is on fire --

Linux is on fire --

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 ORLANDO -- Despite the relative newness of corporate applications
running on Linux, attendees at an Oracle database user conference last
week said a growing number of companies are evaluating or moving into
production with database servers running the open-source operating
 "Linux is on fire," said Rich Niemiec, president of the Chicago-based
International Oracle Users Group (IOUG). In a recent survey of about
100 IOUG members, roughly half indicated that they were interested in
running mission-critical Oracle databases on Linux, Niemiec said at
the independent user group's annual conference. That's up from only
about 15% in a survey conducted a year ago, he added.
 Among the companies that are using Linux-based Oracle databases is
Aventis Behring LLC, a maker of pharmaceuticals in King of Prussia,
Pa. Jesse Crew, manager of global systems at Aventis Behring, said the
subsidiary of Paris-based Aventis SA is running more than 10
Hewlett-Packard ProLiant servers equipped with Red Hat Linux and
Oracle8i or Oracle9i databases.
 For example, Aventis in February went live with a Linux system that
supports accounts receivable and electronic data interchange
applications. It's saving thousands of dollars in hardware, software
and administration costs compared with using high-end Unix boxes, Crew
 "We're not sacrificing reliability or availability," he noted. "We
haven't had any issues with performance. It runs just as well as
William Maguire, CIO at Legato Systems Inc., a Mountain View, Calif.-
based maker of data storage software, said he's currently testing
Oracle9i on Linux. "The reliability and performance is proven now,"
said Maguire, although he has not set any rollout plans yet.
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1. Linux Vendors Reject SCO's Legal Claims -- COMPUTERWORLD.COM,10801,81325,...
TODD R. WEISS  --  MAY 19 2003
Raleigh, N.C.-based Red Hat Inc., the U.S. Linux market leader, said in
a statement that it has "put a lot of time and effort into making sure
we're not in violation of valid trademarks and intellectual property. We
have yet to see any code identified that's in question."
Similarly, a spokesman for SuSE Linux AG in Nuremberg, Germany, said in
a statement, "We are not aware, nor has SCO made any attempt to make us
aware, of any specific unauthorized code in any SuSE Linux product."
Hewlett-Packard Co., like IBM a major vendor of Linux-based hardware,
acknowledged that it received a letter from SCO last week warning of the
potential for legal action. But HP said it "is unaware of any
intellectual property infringement within Linux."
SCO is "basically rattling their sabers," said Al Gillen, an analyst at
market research firm IDC in Framingham, Mass. One all-but-certain
outcome, he added, is that SCO will be ostracized by Linux advocates. "I
don't think the community will accept The SCO Group as a participant in
the community anymore in any way, shape or form at this point," Gillen

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