Richard Stallman Speaking In Washington DC

Richard Stallman Speaking In Washington DC

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Invitation to meet and hear

Richard Stallman
Creator of the GPL
Founder of the GNU project
President of the Free Software Foundation
Author of Free Software, Free Society

Richard Stallman is said to be a philsopher for a digital generation,
fighting a long 20-year battle to protect freedom in a *-based
society.  By his persistance, vision and force of logic, thoughtful
people are now starting to believe what he has been saying all these
many years. And now even governments and multi-billion dollar software
companies are beginning to think that he may be right and have begun
to listen to his important message.

When: Thursday June 12, 6:10pm
Where: Phillips Hall, Rm 415
The George Washington University
801 22nd Street
Washington, DC
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1. Richard Stallman was at my University!

Just in case anybody was interested, I met RMS yesterday.

He helt a speech at my university ( about the
GNU philosophy (esentially the same things as in earlier speeches as
published on the GNU website).

Several students (myself included) also had the chances to talk to him
later on.

It was fun. RMS is a surprisingly funny person, not even considering
that he didn't were shoes during the lecture...

Good nite.

(I will probably publish an article about this on 32BitsOnline this

Fan of Woody Allen
User of MacOS, BeOS, LinuxPPC
Supporter of Pepperoni Pizza

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