Linux versus OS/2 versus Cairo and so on

Linux versus OS/2 versus Cairo and so on

Post by David Charles Lebla » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

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>I personally know of a company that is using Linux as the embedded
>OS to operate the wireless telephone switch they are developing.
>This switch will be able to handle voice and data service for 30
>users initially, but will be expandable with 60 as a goal.  If
>running people's phone service isn't a mission-critical job, then
>I don't know what is!

heh - I've been working with a platform for some time which uses DOS
boxes to do the same thing.  If they are only able to handle 30 ports,
then they need to get in gear - we commonly run 72-96 (3-4 T1s) through
one box - usually a 486/33 or 486/66 with 8MB.  We use NT servers to
provide the database services.

I'm curious what sort of hardware they are working with - if it is
Dialogic cards, I'd like to get in touch, since we were thinking of
trying Linux.  The problem there is that the UNIX drivers for Dialogic
are _much_ more expensive than the DOS drivers.

Though in this case, choice of OS isn't that big a deal, since the chief
advantage of DOS is that it establishes the network connections and then
essentially allows the app to become the OS.

Quote:>Having the source code, and the ability to support the entire system
>from the hardware on up *without* reliance on a third-party vendor
>is actually an advantage for many turnkey applications.

We prefer to pay other people to find as many of the bugs as possible,
and to fix them for us, since we have plenty of code to write without
worrying about the OS.  OTOH, phone companies often have plenty of
people, so this is certainly YMMV.

Quote:>So, there are certainly commercial uses for Linux, and commercial
>software products for it are appearing all the time.  They do tend
>to come from the Unix world (obviously), so many of the names are
>not as well-known as the "mainstream" PC vendors.  That doesn't
>mean the products don't exist.

We keep trying to find uses for it - the other programmer I work with
also uses Linux and we both like it.  It's a nice OS, and I'm sure more
people will use it commercially as it keeps getting better.

I wonder how good a firewall it would make...

David Charles LeBlanc
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332


1. Linux versus SCO versus NT advice.

I need some advise.

Until know I've spent a lot of time and money
trying to get a Linux server running.
I was better of if I just had bought an NT server !!

I've tried Slackware 3.4 first.
But the documentation is a mess.
Allthough that isn't the biggest problem.
It isn't a stable OS.
When a program crashes it can take the whole system down.
Also the documentation isn't correct.
For example:
It states to use a gcc version x.x.x or newer to compile the kernel.
But people on the net say you will have to use a newer version than that.
(also the new compile will not install)

Then I tried Red HAt 5.1.
Same problem unstable.
Documentation seems to be a little better.
But also this OS hangs if a program crashes.
The OS doesn't even read out the keyboard anymore.
Also some basic things are wrong.
Don't try this:
cd /
ls -l */*/XF86Config
If you do this as normal user you only can shut the
server down with the power button

I've tested the above on two different PC.
One which is new the other an old one.

To let the story be short
Is an OSC server more stable than Linux ?

Can it run with the following hardware ?
64 MB ECC ram
Quantum FireBall 6.4 se ide (not my favorit brand)
Aopen 32x aku  CDROM (ide)
Intell Pentium II 300mhz
Tornado 4MB pci (s3virge DX)
microsoft ps/2 mouse.
I've several brands of ethernet and modems so that isn't a problem.

Or should I directly buy an NT server ?

Mainly learning a bit more of Unix.
I'm NOT interested in development in C language.
Conect my local net periodecly and automatic with the internet
when needed.
(reading email/browsing)
Whe don't have cable jet , so it will be a PPP dial up.
Design and testing of perl CGI scripts
I need a running web server for that.
I don't like the asp thing.

Please mail me at

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