Isn't it better than sports, something like politics?

Isn't it better than sports, something like politics?

Post by mlw » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have been thinking about the OS wars going on. It is great drama.

Windows (95,CE,NT) An evil alliance, like states in a big country. This
country is hell bent on ruling the world for its own national security.

Linux, the free OS of the people. A smallish country bent on defending
its freedom and beating back MS. Lots of independent and sometimes
squabbling republics. The army if a fully unpaid volunteer force.

FreeBSD, another free OS of the people, kind of sympathetic of Linux
because they have the some of the same causes, but worried because, what
if Linux beats MS? Can there be peaceful coexistence?

Novell, rather benign dictatorship carefully watching the struggles. Has
its combats and ties with MS. (Not so) Secretly would love to have them
out of the way, so they could rule a good sized chunk of the world.

OS/2, a small country ravaged by a war against MS. Weak, faltering, no

IBM, Compaq, Dell, etc. Arms manufacturers who make profit regardless.
However MS is so big, and can buy from any one of the manufacturers to
fight any other, gets to design its own guns and set its own prices.
They secretly would like a world where MS is a smaller country. The
other countries must use the designs dictated by MS because that is what
is available.

Apple, a small country with its own arms manufacturer. Has dealings with
MS, but they are all to often short changed in the deal. Apple would
also like to see MS become weaker. Apple is sort of happy with its chunk
of the world, but would like it a bit bigger.

BeOS, a very small country. Picking fights with everyone. Currently no
one takes them seriously, but eyes are watching Be carefully. They could
be a serious threat in the future, depending on how WinLin war shapes
up. Be is hoping Linux takes much of the wind out of the MS sails. It
thinks it stands a better chance against a weakened MS and a victorious
Linux, then it does with strong MS.

Sun, A powerful country with its own arms manufacturer. Defending its
borders against MS. Slowly loosing ground.

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