problem with popclient

problem with popclient

Post by Frank Fo » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

        I'm using popclient to download mail from my ISP's pop3 server.
Then I use pine to read it. Popclient places the mail in a file in my home
directory. Trouble is, for every one real message, there is another dummy
message. That is, popclient tells me that it downloaded one message, but
when I read it with pine, there are two. These two messages are the same,
except one has no body. Does anybody know what is going on here.

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Hi, out there !

Every time I retrieve mail from my provider, popclient adds/changes the
first line of each message to "From POPclient ......"
That gives me a headache, cause my mail client (Applix Mail 4.1) then
inserts this as the reply destination, if "Reply-To:..." is missing.
I cannot change the behaviour of Applix in this case (built in dialog),
so I wonder if Icould do so with popclient ?

Any suggestion? Thanx !




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