Any help on XF86... PULEEEZE!

Any help on XF86... PULEEEZE!

Post by la.. » Sun, 07 May 1995 04:00:00

I have successfully installed and configured Linux, but I am still having
trouble with XF86... whenever I launch it, the interface comes up, but
there are a series of parallel black bars running vertically on the screen...

Anyone know how I should configure the XF86Config file to solve this problem?

Any h'ep would be most appreciated. :)

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1. Help: GhostView Help & XF86 3.1 Help. Please!!!

I have just set up my Linux system, ver 1.1.18,
have got my HP Laserjet 4L working with GhostScript with

alias gsp='gs -sDEVICE=ljet3 -sPAGESIZE=a4 -q -sOutputFile=\|lpr'

added to the profile file. Just type gsp to print
the file.

BUT when using GhostView to view an image, try to print it and
the postscript script comes out, not an image. ?Have tried making
the alias name 'gs' instead of 'gsp' but no joy. Is there some other
config file I can change?? What command does GhostView call to
print out an image?

Also I have just managed to upgrade XF86 from V2.1.1 to V3.1,
but when using 'xdm' to log in, it shows an extra window, called
'Console output' on the bottom right of the screen as well as the
log in box. There is nothing else in this box and I cannot type in
it. How do I remove it? I've spent hours comparing 3.1 config files
with 2.1.1 and no changes remove it. Is is a debugging thing? The
binaries for XF86 3.1 came from LDR, release date Oct 94.

Replies by email, or here, either is OK.


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