Microsoft tries to prevent Schnazzle,

Microsoft tries to prevent Schnazzle,

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Microsoft tries to prevent Schnazzle
Angel Gonzalez, June 14 2003

Be careful of software giants' feelings. Especially if they may be
jealous lovers of their intellectual property rights.

Former Microsoft employees Siddharta Rao and Caleb Doise received a
cease-and-desist letter from the Redmond-based software giant, which
accused them of breaching the non-compete agreements they signed at the
time of their hiring.

"The claim that we're competing against them is outrageous," Rao said.
"Now you can't build applications that look similar to Microsoft

Microsoft is known for closely guarding what it considers its rights. In
January 2001, a former high-profile Microsoft executive, Tod Nielsen,
and 21 other former Microsoft employees quit Crossgain, a Redmond-based
software developer, to avoid a lawsuit for breaching their non-compete


1. Microsoft pushes for weakening of anti-spam law --

Microsoft pushes for weakening of anti-spam law
Paul Queary  --  The Associated Press

OLYMPIA Anti-spam activists and a state attorney have argued against
a proposal pushed by Microsoft that would weaken Washingtons tough
law against unwanted e- mail.

The Microsoft bill would cut the minimum award to $10, and cap damages
at $25,000 per day.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Bill Finkbeiner, R-Kirkland, is being
brought forward in many states, said Scott Hazlegrove, a Microsoft
lobbyist. Its aimed at balancing the interests of consumers who dont
want to be spammed with businesses desire to tap the Internet as an
advertising medium, Hazlegrove said.

Neither Hazlegrove nor Microsoft spokeswoman Stacy Drake would comment
further on the companys motives for proposing the bill.
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