New Howto/mini-howto/man page/rfc/irc/book site

New Howto/mini-howto/man page/rfc/irc/book site

Post by Rob Kennedy » Thu, 26 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Just started a searchable site for howtos and such.  It's not affiliated
with the LDP at all.. but is a great site.  Email with questions to the
email listed in the sig.

-Rob Kennedy

Linux - The Choice of a GNU Generation


1. Submission: HOWTO: new ADSL mini-howto ver 0.81 released

New ADSL mini- HOWTO Version 0.81 (May 9 1998) Released

How to setup a Linux System to work with Asymmetric Digital Subscriber
Loop (ADSL), a new high-speed digital access line technology available
from Telcos. ADSL is one of a family of digital subscriber line (DSL)
technologies available to residential and business customers using
existing copper loops, providing speeds from 384kbps to 1.5Mbps. ADSL
can be used for  high-speed Internet Access on any system (router, PC,
server)  that has a 10baseT Ethernet interface.  ADSL is designed for
SOHO applications and low-cost
internet service applications.

This document provides an introduction to ADSL, and information on how
to install, configuration and turn up service.

This version is the first external release of the ADSL HOWTO.

ADSL mini-HOWTO is at :-

It is also available through any LDP Howto Mirror site:

The table of contents of the HOWTO include:

1. Introduction
2. ADSL Overview
    2.1 What is ADSL?
    2.2 ADSL Applications
    2.3 What is xDSL/DSL?
    2.4 How it works.
3. Ordering Service
    3.1 Home Requirements
    3.2 Telco Options
    3.3 ISP Options
4. Wiring it up
5. Configuring Linux
6. Appendix
    6.1 FAQs
    6.2 Links
    6.3 Glossary

Any questions concerning this document can be directed to the author:
         David Fannin

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