WPS for Linux (To help Linux's popularity)

WPS for Linux (To help Linux's popularity)

Post by Gilles Leho » Sun, 23 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I would like to see WPS (Work Place Shell), the OS/2 "window manager",
cloned for Linux. At work, I use WPS for MS-Windows.

If anyone capable of programming such a thing has ever given it any
thought, please take note that I would embrace such a program immediately
and enthusiastically.




1. Supporting WP's efforts with Linux

 With all this hubbub about WP for Linux going on, I've become quite curious
about the idea of contacting someone at Novell/WP with a short message like the

Hi, I'm a Linux user, and like very much your growing support for the OS. I
as well as many other Linux users here at my university and around the world,
are very excited about the idea of a version of WordPerfect for Linux. I would
like to receive information about the pricing of the next release previewed in
the demo version available (information on Academic pricing would be greatly
appreciated as well).

Does anyone know who I and fellow Linux users might send such a message to? If
enough of us shell out a bit of money and support this, good things might begin
to happen (as if Linux isnt a good enough thing already! :) )

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