Fun with named

Fun with named

Post by Kenneth Down » Mon, 17 Jun 2002 21:02:54

"named" is the name of the daemon you can run on a Linux machine that turns
it into a DNS server.  It is really cool.

As I get more into Linux, I have begun moving away from my original
everything-on-this-one-machine into a more complex configuration.  One
example of problems I would run into is this:  my web server address
resolves fine outside of home, but on boxes inside home it won't work.  I
think this is because it goes out to the web, gets my public address, and
then tries to access that, and we get caught in some kind of loop in the
DSL/firewall somewhere.

The trick is to install named, a very easy thing to do.  Then do a google
search on "named+howto", read the instructions, and tell named that certain
names resolve to internal IP #'s.

This has the nice benefit that all requests resolve properly whether you
are outside or inside of the firewall.  Outside of the firewall, everything
goes to the single static IP # that the ISP gave me (and then gets
port-forwarded to the appropriate machine), while inside the firewall, the
local DNS server returns local IP #'s for various machines.  Really cool.

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1. Isn't unix fun (wierd names)

I managed to create a directory with 40Mb or so stuff in it due to
typing ahead in tin, configuring the save directory to '-v'.
As I have a script that gets all new news to a file every day and
I only log on weekly there was lots of files in lots of directiories.
The way I solved it was to tar up the whole directory (from my home
root) as I needed a backup anyway. I figure once I have it on a dos box
I can figure something out even if it involves editing the tar file to
change -v to something else.
things I tried
mv -v tmp (stupid, -v is a switch)
mv '-v' tmp (nope)

mv - -v tmp (nope)
mv - '-v' tmp

and then similar with ln, cp, zip

rm -R -f - -v
did however work tho.
What is the correct (or more so) way of renaming it?

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